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Greenridge Estates Assisted Living Lake
Engage Every Resident. It's That Simple. 
Three of Our Favorites


At Greenridge Estates, we strive to engage our residents in a wide variety of both classic favorites and exciting new activities. Whether it's a field trip to the Evergreen Aviation Museum or Thursday afternoon wine tasting, we believe the benefits of living in an Assisted Living community extend far beyond the assurances our Wellness Services team provides. Research continues to show that having a purposeful and engaging life during retirement helps people feel happier, stay healthier, and live longer! This is one of the key driving forces behind all of our activities.

Our goal within Life Enrichment is to not only dazzle you, but to keep you looking forward to tomorrow, next month, and even next year! How do we accomplish this? We create our monthly activity calendar from scratch each month with our current residents in mind. During our monthly Activity Planning Meeting, residents are encouraged to suggest activity ideas that excite them. In fact, many of our most popular activities have been recommended to us from residents, staff, and families!

Greenridge Estates Assisted Living Lake
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We came up with our One-On-One program with the idea that every resident interacts with our Life Enrichment team each week. In many communities it's easy for  new or introverted residents to feel left behind by typical "social butterfly" activity programs. With One-On-Ones we make sure those residents interact with someone beyond our Wellness Services team. We've seen tremendous results so far!

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Activity Tokens was a concept born out of the desire to encourage our residents to try new things and participate! To earn tokens, residents can attend and participate in "Token Events," which are marked by a star icon on our monthly calendar. At least every three months we hold a special Token Auction where the only currency accepted is Activity Tokens! We've auctioned off TVs, furniture, home goods, gift cards, and so much more!

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While so many activities are designed around making our residents smile, this activity is really about making others smile. During our weekly Greeting Card Club, residents craft handmade cards for all different occasions. The warmth and comfort it brings to those residents, friends, and family who may be ill, who have lost loved ones, or may be going through other life changes makes it worth it! This is truly an activity with a purpose.


Do you know of an activity our residents would enjoy? Perhaps you're interested in moving to Greenridge Estates, but you're hoping we can include a specific activity? We would love to hear from you! Click below...



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