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Our Roots are in Senior Living!



We're proud to be one of the few family-owned and operated Senior Living communities in the area. However, we have to give the credit to the incredible residents, families, and staff that have truly made Greenridge Estates what it is today. Summarizing over half a century of operation can be challenging, but we hope the outline below will give you a better understanding of our extraordinary community and the amount of love our family and team has poured into it. While we have featured a few of our favorite historic photos below, there are many more on display throughout Greenridge Estates! 

In May of 1970, John and Sharon Tonack opened their third community, Mountain Park Convalescent Hospital. At the time, the community was a state-of-the-art building, winning awards for both its design and construction. Designed to accommodate up to 180 residents at the time, the community featured a whole team of medical professionals and technology that rivaled the area's hospitals at the time.


Greenridge Estates Mockup Photo

Original Architectural Mockup, 1968

With the market for senior living solutions evolving in the late-80s, John and Sharon oversaw a multi-million-dollar renovation that transformed Mountain Park Convalescent Hospital into an Assisted Living community. Throughout this time, John and Sharon were also overseeing rapid growth in their business, Health Resources Inc., which at the time was one of the largest Senior Living companies in the region. Other communities under the umbrella of Health Resources Inc. included 19 other Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home communities throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arkansas. 

Greenridge Estates Assisted Living Vinta

Exterior Photo After Grand Opening, 1970

Reopening in 1993, Greenridge Estates was one of the earliest Assisted Living communities in the country. Having been built in 1970 to accommodate over twice as many residents, today's residents enjoy ample amounts of space and amenities! 

In 2000, the second generation took over management of the community. Over the next 16 years, this second generation of leadership helped solidify our incredible reputation within the community.

In October of 2016, the next generation of the Tonack family took over management of Greenridge Estates. Since taking the helm, their primary focus has been crafting an entirely new vision for the future of the community. They've focused on building upon the incredible roots that were planted by previous generations, while also forging their own path in a rapidly changing Senior Living industry. Their goal is to help setup Greenridge Estates for another 50 years of dazzling residents, families, guests, and the Lake Oswego community!

Greenridge Estates 1980s Photo.jpg

Exterior Photo, mid-1980s

John Tonack Greenridge Estates Photo.jpg

John Tonack (Right), 1970

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