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Meet Our Extended Family


These are the people who are here to dazzle you!


As a family-owned business, our team feels more like an extension of our family. Each of our team members brings to Greenridge Estates a diverse professional background that helps craft what our residents, families, and guests experience when walking through ours doors.


We understand that touring Senior Living communities, and eventually moving into one, can be overwhelming with so many fresh faces and names. Our team is here to make this process as easy as possible for you! Take a few moments to get familiar with our Greenridge Estates family, including what they do and a little bit about their backgrounds. We know you'll quickly find that our extended family begins to feel like a part of yours as well!

Melissa Lawrence

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Melissa is the "CEO" of the community. She oversees all departments, working to ensure we deliver an incredible experience everyday. Melissa joined our family in 2022, previously working in both family-owned and larger communities in Oregon and Washington. If at any time you have questions about our community, reach out to Melissa!

KC Clark

Community Relations Director

KC may be one of the first people you interact with when learning more about Greenridge Estates. His role as Community Relations Director is to guide you and your family through making the decision to move to our Assisted Living Community. KC brings a diverse background of experience within Senior Living to his role here.

Amy Klepper

Business Office Manager

Amy has a big heart for seniors and prides herself on providing amazing customer services. As the Business Office Manager, Amy has her hands in many buckets, including billing, rental agreements, payroll, and much more. She's really the right-hand to the Executive Director and the administrative team! 

Janis Truscott

Administrative Assistant 

Janis is one of the first faces you'll see as you enter our community! Janis has become a friend to all our staff and residents, playing a key role within our community. As the point of contact for so many people, Janis provides invaluable knowledge to visitors, residents, and family members when getting acquainted with Greenridge Estates. 

Open Position!

Life Enrichment Director

If there's one person who every resident can count as a friend, it's our Life Enrichment Director! As the Life Enrichment Director, you work to dream up exciting activities that engage each of our residents. Often described as the busiest positions in any community, the Life Enrichment Director can be seen racing from one fun activity to the next.

Tiffani Piceno

Dining Services Director

As the Dining Services Director, Tiffani's job is to create a dazzling experience every day in the Dining Room for our many residents and guests. Whether it be crafting the weekly menu, ordering fresh foods, or training our talented staff, Tiffani does it all! Come join us in the dining room to meet Tiffani and the Dining Services team!

Courtney Horrell

Wellness Services Director, LPN

As the Wellness Services Director, Courtney understands the needs of our residents more than anyone. With the help of the Executive Director, Registered Nurse, and Resident Care Coordinator, Courtney guides the overall Wellness Services program and experience for our residents. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her to Greenridge!

Neely Rios

Resident Care Coordinator

As the Resident Care Coordinator, Neely probably knows the specific care needs of our residents more than anyone in the community. Working closely with all of our Wellness Services staff, Neely ensures that our Wellness Services staff continue to provide residents with the quality care and services that Greenridge Estates is known for!

Kole Rainey

Building Services Director

As the Building Services Director, Kole oversees all aspects of maintenance and housekeeping at Greenridge Estates. Kole makes life just a little bit easier for all of us, making sure our residents don't have to spend time thinking about mowing the lawn or replacing a light bulb! Kole brings tremendous maintenance experience to our community. 

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